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1st public contest at Kelly Slater's wave pool will cost $99 for a one-day ticket – and $9500 to surf – OCRegister

How much would you pay to watch a surf contest?

How about to be one of the few people to ever ride the perfect man-made waves at the Surf Ranch, hours away from the nearest ocean?

Details about the first public contest to be held in Lemoore, California at the Surf Ranch — created by Kelly Slater and up until now only accessible via invite — were released Monday, March 12.

One day of watching the event will cost $99, plus a $6.77 fee. If you’re 10 or younger, you get the grom discount, priced at $80.  Buy tickets for both days, and the cost is $149, plus fees.

If you want VIP treatment – free food, drink premiere seating and parking – it will cost $499, plus $18.77.

And for “The Surf Ranch Experience,” be ready to pony up nearly $10,000 for a one-hour surf session on the Monday following the event. The price includes a three-night stay, a pre-event party and dinner Friday and an invite-only, after-party concert. Other perks with the package include a personalized locker, coaching and professional photography and videography, according to the announcement.

Founders’ Cup

The contest – called the WSL Founders’ Cup of Surfing —  is a specialty event that will feature 25 of the world’s best surfers competing on region-based teams.  This is the first time the World Surf League has held an event in this format, and a glimpse of what the Olympics surf events may someday look like.

Team selection was also announced Monday, and it looks like local surfers will be offered slots to compete.

Orange County surfers, including Santa Ana’s Courtney Conlogue and San Clemente’s Kolohe Andino, are among those selected to surf on team USA. Slater, from Florida, will head the team.

Hawaiians Carissa Moore and John John Florence will also be on team USA, combining the mainland with the islands for the first time, a similar format that will be seen with the upcoming 2020 Olympics.

Brazil’s team will be captained by Gabriel Medina, and will include former world champions Adriano de Souza and Filipe Toledo, who now lives in San Clemente.

The Europe team will be captained by Johanne Defay, of France, and will also have Malibu’s Frankie Harrer, representing Germany.

The “World team,” made up of surfers from outside those specific regions, will be led by South African and San Clemente transplant Jordy Smith, and will include Huntington Beach’s Kanoa Igarashi.  Igarashi recently declared his intention to represent his family’s home country, Japan, with hopes of surfing for that country in the Olympics.

Australia’s team will be led by six-time world champion Stephanie Gilmore, and will include Mick Fanning, who recently announced his retirement from the World Tour.

The Surf Ranch was first unveiled to the public Dec. 2015 with videos showcasing some of the world’s best surfers navigating the 700-yard wave that can run in two directions, creating both right and left-hand waves. A private, invite-only surf event was held last September.